Rules and Etiquette


To secure a date with me I highly recommend sending me a £100 deposit. Although not essential, I prioritise meeting gentlemen who pay deposits and your date will not be confirmed until this is received.

I understand that plans often have to change. If you decide you can no longer make our scheduled date you may cancel up to 48 hours prior to the date and carry the deposit forward for another one within two months.

If you cancel within 48 hours of the commencement of the date I will retain the deposit to compensate for my time.

In the unlikely event I have to cancel, and we cannot reschedule, I will return your deposit to you in full.

When we meet: formalities

For our first date I require that we meet in public. This should ideally be in your hotel bar or a nearby pub.

As I will be beautifully dressed and immaculately presented for you, please ensure you are freshly showered, groomed and have fresh breath and clean teeth. You must also be fit and well (no cold, flu or skin conditions…). You should be smartly dressed in clean clothes.

Please hand me my donation in an unsealed envelope inside a gift bag at the commencement of our date.

If you are rude, disrespectful, ill or unwashed I will cancel the date. Deposits are non-refundable.

During the date: limits and expectations

I want our private time to be as enjoyable and memorable as possible. I will do my best to fulfil your desires and am happy to either discuss these at the beginning of the date or just go with the flow.

In return, I require that, as a gentleman, you treat me with kindness and respect throughout our time together. I will not tolerate derogatory language of any kind. If I am uncomfortable with any activity I will say so and expect you to respect my wishes immediately. Failure to comply with these basic expectations will result in the immediate termination of the date and I will not hesitate to contact the police to ensure my own safety and that of other providers. 

Any attempt to engage in bareback intercourse will immediately end the date and be reported to the police as sexual assault.

If you would like to take pictures or videos during the date this should be discussed with me in advance. Any photos or videos will be taken on my device and strictly with my permission. I am happy to forward footage to you after our date, with my face obscured, for a donation of £100. 

Dates are extendable by mutual and I would require a donation in cash (£300 per extra hour) at the commencement of the additional time. If you think you would like to extend the date please raise this with me before the end of our scheduled time together.

My safety contact is aware of my location at all times and expects to hear from me immediately when our date is scheduled to end. If I do not reply within five minutes of the scheduled end of the date the police will be notified.