Dates with Daphne

La vita è bella

I offer a range of date packages to suit your desires, schedule and stamina! Choose from a short social date to get to know each other to overnight and weekend experiences. For longer or alternative date suggestions please contact me.

The first time we meet will always be in a public place, such as over a drink in a pub or at your hotel bar. This can be brief but will count toward the overall duration of the date.

For dates outside of Edinburgh please note I will require plenty of notice, travel expenses and £50 per hour of travel time each way.


We can discuss your preferences by email, at the commencement of the date or just go with the flow. Although I am confident you will not be disappointed, I will not commit in advance to ‘performing’ any particular activity and will only do what I feel comfortable with in the moment.

I am happy for you to take pictures or videos during our time together, provided we use my device. I can send these to you, with my face obscured, following the date for a donation of £100.

Ice breakers

If you’d rather take things slowly, why don’t we meet for a platonic date and chat over cocktails or dinner, or even a romantic stroll – I can even bring along one of my lovely dogs? Let’s unwind, have a tour of the city or bathe in nature and get to know each other.

One hour: £200

90 minutes £300

Divine intimacy

Ready to take the plunge and have your wicked way with me? I offer private dates from 90 minutes to three hours in the comfort of your hotel room. How about booking a room with a bath and we get sudsy together?

Drinks must be provided for all private dates (I like champagne!). For three-hour dates I will expect a light snack and periodic breaks.

90 minutes: £500

Two hours: £600

Three hours: £900

Evening of bliss

Fancy making a proper evening of it? Let me be your perfect companion. We can get to know each other over cocktails or a romantic dinner, and even take in a show. If you’re new to the city just let me know and I can suggest some fun activities.

Four hours (at least 60 minutes social time): £1100

Five hours (at least 90 minutes social time): £1300

Six hours (at least three hours social time): £1500

The next level

Prefer not to watch the clock? Let’s truly relax and immerse ourselves in each other with a whole night or weekend.

For a weekend away (Friday and Saturday nights) I am happy to suggest destinations. I am an experienced hillwalker, so how about a hike in the stunning Scottish highlands during the day, followed by a soothing hot bath later on? Or a single malt whisky by the crackling open fire, chatting about our incredible day?

Overnight dates should commence no earlier than 8pm and I will need at least six hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Weekends away will commence on Friday evening and end Sunday lunchtime. They should include at least eight hours of outdoor activity during the day. Travel expenses, meals and refreshments must be provided.

Overnight (12 hours): £2000

Overnight with breakfast in bed (15 hours): £2500

Weekend away (two nights + one day of activity): £4000